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How do I enroll in Two-Step Login with Duo Security?

Click here for step-by-step enrollment instructions.

Be sure to enroll your device(s) before April 24, 2017, which is when we will begin enforcing the use of Two-Step Login for those users logging in from outside of the network.

What is Two-Step Login with Duo Security?

Two-Step Login (also known as Two-Factor Authentication) provides an extra layer of security by requiring a user to log in with a username and password, plus a second method of verifying the user's identity. The second method is something the user has physical access to, like a cellular phone, smart phone, tablet or landline. This prevents anyone but you from logging in, even if they know your username and password.

Why are we using a Two-Step Login process?

Healthcare institutions are increasingly becoming a target for cyber criminals. According to a recent international report, 81.9% of security breaches involve compromised credentials. Two-Step Login provides additional security so that data is only accessed by authorized users. Enforcing Two-Step Login across the organization will strengthen our network security and protect the systems you access. Two-Step Login only impacts you when you are logging in from outside of the network (such as from home or non-Sentara offices/facilities).

How does Two-Step Login with Duo Security work?

Two-Step Login only impacts users when logging in from outside of the network.

Step 1: You'll login as usual with your username and password.
Step 2: You’ll use your device (cellular phone, smart phone, tablet or landline) to verify that it's you. Think of Duo as a layer of security added to your existing login.

Here is a quick 1 minute video showing how it works: